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Market Analysis and Competition

At the start of any long-term collaboration, we at marketing deluxe like to get to know our clients and build a relationship based on trust. This gives us an in-depth insight into their business, which is essential for creating a successful marketing concept. Your company’s general focus shows us the direction your marketing journey has taken so far.

  • Do you focus your energies on your strengths and potential?
  • Do you solve your customers’ problems better than others do?
  • Do you have an intrinsic specialisation, focusing on a clearly defined target group?

  • Have you found your perfect niche – away from the mainstream?
Market Research

Our innovative method deals with the issues that are relevant to your company. Working alongside our market research expert, we choose a solution that is tailored specifically to you.

  • First, we analyse your company. This involves synthesising your existing knowledge, identifying any significant insights and pointing out any information gaps.
  • Next, we close these gaps using the data gleaned from your answers to our questions.
  • This allows us to recommend a course of action that can be integrated into your specific business processes to help your resolve your issues.
Aiming for High Brand Value

Focused and successful, our expertise is at the very core of everything we do. The marketing deluxe team of specialists works with you to analyse and evaluate your specific marketing situation. Based on the data we obtain, our departmental experts use the wealth of tools at our disposal to develop an effective, bespoke marketing concept.

We enhance your brand by staging your products in the best possible way, as well as by designing and implementing various change scenarios. This creates strong brand value and a positive image within the industry.

What are the benefits of stronger brand value?
  • Better growth opportunities
  • Enhanced prestige leading to greater social influence
  • High level of price enforcement
‘The best way to achieve a sustainable customer base is to increase awareness of your brand.’
Becoming a Household Name

How do you load your brand with emotion and make it come alive? This question is at the heart of every marketing strategy. The aim is to create brand awareness. How do you find the perfect language and imagery to make your brand stand out? Which sales channel is the missing piece of your puzzle? What campaigns and promotions will increase your visibility and ratings? How do you design an umbrella brand identity? What about public relations? Can you identify the kind of artwork that appeals to your target groups? So many questions … but one thing is clear – a top ski resort requires a different marketing strategy and corporate design to a holistic health business.

We Create Brand Awareness

‘The right images and words for the right target group are based on market research segmentation techniques.’

The foundations for brand awareness are your identity, image, unique selling point and recognition value. By creating a consistent brand image with both visible components (logo, design and messages) and invisible components (values, public image, benefits and emotions), we raise awareness of your brand and make it known to your target groups. Our core messages are based on key values, needs and customer benefits. This anchors your brand firmly in the consumers’ hearts and minds as we make it come alive with a broad range of tools and our special marketing deluxe solutions .

International Growth
Markets that Deliver Results

marketing deluxe’s marketing work focuses on the most promising international markets with the greatest premium segment potential. Alongside our international team from the UK, France, Belgium and the Czech Republic, we use our broad market knowledge to develop highly individualised market strategies. By always keeping an eye on the latest developments and deepening our knowledge of customers and markets through our practice, we identify trends at an early stage and implement them in sustainable marketing and sales concepts. This enables us to continually improve your competitiveness.

  • Marketing Agentur Oesterreich
    Tourism Leader
    With around 40 million overnight stays per year, Austria shows touristic class, attracting domestic and foreign visitors alike with its diversity of Alpine and natural treasures, rich cultural scene and regional delights.
  • Marketing Agentur Deutschland
    Safe and Within Easy Reach
    A third of all visitors to Austria come from Germany, making it one of the most important markets. Austria is positioned as an easily accessible, safe holiday destination with high standards for family, sports and activity holidays, as well as cultural and leisure trips.
  • Marketing Agentur Schweiz
    Individual Getaways
    Switzerland is Austria’s third largest market for foreign tourists. Thanks to active marketing that highlights Austria’s potential as a top holiday destination, the country has been able to maintain its market share. Focusing on a target group’s holiday preferences is essential to securing Austria’s position as a year-round destination for individual getaways.
  • Marketing Agentur Großbritannien
    Outdoor Pursuits and Holistic Health
    United Kingdom
    The second most important foreign market in Europe. Austria is especially popular among the British during the winter thanks to guaranteed snow and an attractive infrastructure. In the summer, travellers from the UK enjoy hiking and cycling, as well as the authentic cuisine and traditions. Holistic health is a rapidly growing segment.
  • Marketing Agentur Benelux
    Winter Sports Market Leader
    Austria is the fifth most popular travel destination among the Dutch. In the winter sports segment, the country achieves market leadership with a 55% share. The potential for Alpine/lake holidays, as well as for activity breaks featuring hiking and cycling is high. The Belgians consider Austria an ideal destination for family holidays all year round due to the country’s warm hospitality, cosy ambience and its deserved reputation as a haven for hiking, winter sports, nature and relaxation.
  • Marketing Agentur Frankreich
    Culture and Unspoilt Nature
    The fourth largest foreign tourism market in the EU has strong potential with high added value. Austria is seen by the French as a holiday destination with a rich cultural heritage and unique environment. This is demonstrated by the rising demand for high-quality health and activity breaks in unspoilt surroundings.
  • Marketing Agentur Tschechien
    Short-Notice Trips
    Czech Republic
    In the Czech Republic, Austria is seen as an ideal – and nearby – holiday destination all year round. This makes it one of Austria’s most significant neighbouring markets.
  • Marketing Agentur Slowakei
    High in Quality & Luxury
    Austria’s other neighbour, Slovakia, is an additional important market. Predominantly younger and more affluent, the Slovakian target group enjoys Austria’s high-quality tourism. Austria is a market leader in winter sports, while the summer months focus more on relaxation and activity holidays with family and friends.
  • Marketing Agentur Slowenien
    Skiing & Activity Breaks
    A population of 2 million with a high proclivity for travel makes Slovenia an interesting market. Austria is a market leader as a skiing destination and for winter sports holidays. During the summer, activity and discovery holidays featuring day trips are particularly popular.
Full-Service Marketing Agency
  • Claudia Reichenberger
    Shaping the Future
    Strategy. Positioning. Strategic business development. Luxury. Niche. Health.
  • Forging an Identity
    Analysis. Design. Product development. Comprehensive brand support. Travel. Luxury. Lifestyle. Branding.
  • Sharing Information
    International communications
    Precise communications. English. French. Italian. Arabic.
  • Emotion at the Core
    Video content
    Digital media projects. Creative. Reliable. Calculable.
  • The Power of Words
    Content marketing
    Clear, convincing communication. Storytelling. Branded content.
  • Your Brand’s Voice
    Public relations
    PR strategies. PR work in eight different markets. A network.
  • Performance and Technology
    Online solutions
    Online marketing. Analysis. Tools. Conversion. Ranking.
  • Sales Force & CRM
    Sales and customer dialogue strategies. Relationship management. Networking.
  • Feel. Image. Form.
    Graphic artwork
    Corporate design. Business identity. Brand recognition.
  • More Than Translation
    Your brand’s voice, tailored to the market and your target audience by native speakers.
  • Positive Impressions
    Employer branding
    Boost your image. Recruit, retain and develop professionals.
  • marketing deluxe is a pioneer of the
    Health as a megatrend
    Mind for holistic health. Six steps to a successful brand.