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How Do You Assess Your Positioning’s Effectiveness?

Simply take a long hard look at your business. Lacklustre growth? Sales on a downward trajectory? Market share dropping? When you run a business, day-to-day operations tend to take over, making you lose sight of the bigger picture. Ultimately, it’s your strategic development that suffers. With a disastrous knock-on effect: a loss of market visibility.

The Solution
Address the cause: start with an active positioning strategy, define the target group – 95% of all positioning strategies zero in on specialisation with a specific target group. Then, create a signature product that wins over your audience with polished, precise communications on all channels and within the right markets.

Success doesn’t happen overnight – it comes from tried and tested methods and expertise, starting with good strategies and specialised concepts, with comprehensive brand support, and both written and visual brand communication.
Method Means Success

We look at your business as a whole, providing ideas and an outsider’s perspective. As an international marketing agency, we explore new avenues, and do so systematically. We begin with a comprehensive review which serves as a basis for correct positioning. This is the core of marketing and shapes the brand image. We work with you to develop your unique positioning, and help you to either become a trailblazer in your niche or a multi-specialist. Focusing on target groups for which you become the problem solver paves the way for qualitative market dominance.

marketing deluxe Development Positionierung Communications
marketing deluxe Development Positionierung Communications

We Give Your
Positioning Visibility

  • Positioning
    Shape the Future
    Positioning. Brand building. Strategic business development. Luxury. Niche. Health.
  • Information Sharing
    Precise communications. English. French. Italian. Arabic.
  • Your Brand’s Voice
    PR strategies. PR work in eight different markets. A network.
  • Performance. Technology.
    Online marketing. Analysis. Tools. Conversion. Ranking.
  • Emotion. Image. Form.
    Corporate design. Business identity. Brand recognition.
  • The Power of Words
    International Communications
    Clear, convincing communication. Storytelling. Branded content.
We speak plainly
and are precise in
our communication
Straight talking and precise communication

Strong positioning thrives on clear communication. Without it, brands can easily get lost in the mix. Communication is our domain. Your claim is the core message that will take root in the minds of your target audience. Markets are conversations – and well-planned communication is the key to success. We reach the right target groups by taking a cross-media approach, using evocative words and moving images.

Health: today’s megatrend
Health In Transition

Sustainable positioning gives us the edge. We have been pioneers in the holistic health segment for more than 15 years. Our clients benefit from a competitive advantage because we approach societal change with a proactive and innovative mindset. Our future-oriented perspective is helpful in developing and supporting projects for visionary companies and investors who dare to take action in uncertain times.

Destination Health
The Future of Holistic Health and Medical Wellness

marketing deluxe is the strategic partner of choice for developing sustainable health concepts. As an international full-service agency, we combine strategy, project and product development as well as brand building and elaboration under one roof. International success in the health megatrend requires a strategic and holistic course of action.

Holistic Health Concepts
News From the World of Branding
Logo IQCure Healthness
Logo IQCure Healthness

An innovative prevention and regeneration concept for mind, body and soul, using cutting-edge technology and holistic solutions.

Logo Mylife Changer
Logo Mylife Changer

Health, medicine and anti-ageing solutions are combined within this evidence-based concept for health resorts and holistic spas.

Holistic Ayurveda

An effective combination of complementary and conventional medicine with Ayurveda – one of the world’s oldest healing methods.

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niche destinations

Purlife Maroc

Life-changing travel. Authentic places. Encounters. Stories. Cultural wonders. Holistic Lifestyle Changer. As an international marketing agency with the inside gen on Morocco, we open up new perspectives on this sophisticated kingdom in the Maghreb region of North Africa. Away from the mainstream. Just a heartbeat away from Europe. Pur Life Living – with our network of knowledgeable locals.