Strategy & Process


What Distinguishes You from Other Employers?

Digital transformation has radically changed the recruitment market. Back in the industrial era, employees were expected to do all the chasing, while today the onus lies primarily with the employer. In this age of connectivity, employees can select a potential employer, examine their digital footprint, and pass judgement on them based on various sociocultural criteria. Great earnings and a good reputation in the industry no longer suffice to make employers attractive in the job market. For a long time now, employees have been much more concerned with work climate, work-life balance, career options, management styles and professional development opportunities. Added to this are the opinions gleaned from ratings portals that can sway a potential employee’s decision. It is therefore essential to position yourself well in the employer market, differentiate yourself from the competition, develop a sustainably positive image as an employer, appeal to the kind of employees you’re looking to recruit and retain your employees long term. All this makes up the core of employer branding.

Employer and Employee Markets

A company that shines brightly. A company philosophy that inspires. Values that are not simply communicated, but lived by. At every level of a hierarchy. Modern employees are guided by a wide range of criteria in their search for employment, so standing out from the competition is an essential part of employer branding.

As a business person, you know that the image and success of your company is largely dependent on employees who support your goals, help shape your visions, and take full part in your company and your company philosophy. A strategically conceived, authentic employer brand will help you reach precisely the employees you need.

Employer Branding & Strategy: Making a Good Impression is Key

Marketing the brand of your company and product is no longer enough. To remain competitive, you also need to invest in an attractive employer brand. The strategic repertoire at marketing deluxe is designed to target all three. We use our overall marketing experience and expertise to develop bespoke external and internal employer branding strategies for the luxury hotel and health sector, that:

  • Position your company as an excellent employer
  • Attract the best skilled employees in the market
  • Boost the retention of highly qualified employees
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  • Employer Branding
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A Successful Employer Brand Accurately Addresses its Chosen Target Group

Once we have a strategy, we start the process of positioning your company. It’s important that the awareness you wish to bring to potential new employees corresponds with that of your existing personnel. We analyse your company culture and develop an employer branding process that perfectly aligns with your visions and objectives through continuous dialogue.

Based on years of strategic experience, we:

  • Analyse your company’s values

  • Speak to your employees to establish the current situation
  • Work out which messages are a good fit for your company
  • Document in writing what your company stands for
  • Create positive added value for talent/job seekers
  • Steadily develop your employer brand based on employee feedback

Become an Attractive Employer: Employees Look for Benefits the Competition Doesn’t Offer.

Although bonuses, work trips, company cars, mobile phones and laptops continue to be highly valued by employees, providing these items is not what makes an attractive employer. Modern employees are looking for employee-focused personnel policies and an employer value proposition (EVP) that sums up the company’s core message. We develop your EVP by:

  • Gathering the necessary information
  • Clearly differentiating you from the competition
  • Identifying and defining your unique features
  • Creating strong and attractive wording
  • Finding the right presentation channels

Satisfaction & Productivity

An employer’s brand promises are working when:

  • Employees identify with the company and demonstrate this externally
  • There is strong long-term employee retention
  • Employees become brand ambassadors

We also help our customers to determine specific personnel marketing activities based on the employer branding strategy we have developed. These activities can include training, team events, incentives and health services, and are highly effective in boosting employee motivation. Recent sociocultural studies confirm that when there is a large overlap between employee and employer values, individuals have more work satisfaction and feel greater loyalty towards their employer. This in turn has an impact on productivity, reducing sickness and staff turnover rates.

The key to success? Presenting a positive and authentic image, both internally and externally.

A Solid Foundation

These three factors form the basis of a successful overall employer-branding strategy in terms of employee satisfaction.

  • Corporate environment: What’s the general working atmosphere like? This is generally a combination of workspaces and additional services such as a staff restaurant, and areas for outdoor working, fitness and relaxation.

  • Company culture: Is there sufficient scope to introduce new ideas? Are the hierarchies flat enough to allow for communication on equal terms? Do employees have access to interesting education and training options? What’s the social life like? Is flexible working possible?

  • Personnel management: Are employees involved in decision-making processes based on the shared leadership model? Do managers assume more of a facilitator and mentor role? Do employees feel valued? Are managers quick to react?

Ultimately, the decisive aspects are those that your employees and applicants value the most, those that create strong company attachment.

  • Work climate – rapport with employees and colleagues
  • Teamwork – a spirit of cooperation
  • Work satisfaction – creative scope with individual responsibility
  • Training and career options, promotion prospects
  • A good fit between company culture and employee
  • The employer’s values are authentic and fit for the future
  • New Work – a concept for a successful, symbiotic relationship between life and work