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We set clear priorities, and you are right at the top of that list because we put our clients first. You‘ll get our full attention every time we communicate, whether it’s on the phone, by email or in person.

We’re always happy to listen to your ideas and consider your visions. We’ll overcome complex challenges together – everyone on our dedicated and diverse team is both an expert in their field and a competent all-rounder.

We also span a variety of national and cultural backgrounds. We’re all individuals, with our own personalities and backstories, which allows us to remain open-minded and creative at all times, guaranteeing the highest quality services for our clients

We never settle for the norm. Each and every one of our projects benefits from our exclusive blend of dedication, hard work, team spirit and skill.

Claudia Reichenberger

Business Development

A marketer and strategist who knows target audiences and markets inside out, Claudia manages all our ongoing projects. She is one of the leading figures in niche market positioning and specialisation for the luxury and health tourism sector, boasting an unmistakable feel for megatrends. Her drive and ability to put ideas into practice motivates the team to deliver peak performance for our clients.

marketing deluxe Leadership Team

Nicole Ginzinger

Operations Management
Head of Press

Content marketer and PR consultant Nicole leads the team with her heart and her head in equal measure, developing, elaborating and creating concepts. She monitors all projects, seeing them through from start to finish. Her solution-oriented and purposeful approach fosters innovation, ensures quality internal and external communication, optimises processes and always keeps the big picture in mind. Her open, positive attitude adds that personal touch.

Said Boumahdi

Head of Video Production

Saïd has invaluable experience within the luxury sector, which he’s able to draw upon for bespoke Morocco tours and as a private concierge. His extensive network of exclusive partners in Morocco is worth its weight in gold, as are his creativity and knowledge of the country. As an infographic and multimedia specialist, he designs and plans short films, travel reports and interviews as well as image and sales videos. Always gracious and affable, he supplies marketing deluxe and all our clients with films for their online channels.

Verena Obrist

Art Director – Vienna

A passionate graphic designer and artwork specialist, Verena transforms current trends into distinctive designs. She is perceptive, observant and sees the extraordinary in everything. Her experience in the magazine industry, her knowledge, creativity and keen eye are treasured by the marketing deluxe team. She embraces any challenge with joy and a unique, inventive spirit. Her cheerful presence is contagious and lights up the office.

Petra Meier

Art Director – Vienna

Petra was born with perfection and precision. She ensures perfect imagery and knows her craft like no other. She’s an experienced expert in her field, having worked at an advertising agency, a print studio and, most recently, a PR agency. In 1998, she moved into publishing at Format magazine and was the Art Director at Woman before joining marketing deluxe. Her mantra: creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye!

Carina Jäger

Partner Agency

An online architect, lateral thinker, web designer and programmer, Carina’s state-of-the-art websites, future-ready platforms, blogs, newsletters, and landing pages never fail to deliver. Her 20 years of online marketing experience and specialism in tourism stand her in good stead. Passionate about all things digital and her clients’ needs, she’ll make sure your project gets the attention it deserves.

Heidemaria Abfalterer

Content & Copywriter I Instructor

As well as being a copywriter and content management expert, Heidemaria also runs copywriting and creative writing workshops. Equipped with plenty of experience and people skills, she not only supports senior staff, but also works on current topics and trends with the heads of the editorial team. Analytical, insightful and reflective, her writing brings words to life.

Marlene Obholzer

Senior PR & Sales Consultant
On maternity leave

With many years of experience in the upmarket hotel industry, Marlene is an expert in the MICE and health segments. Our Senior Sales Consultant possesses a profound understanding of her customers and their requirements, and is highy skilled in positioning their products and services correctly in the corresponding markets.

Rudi Obholzer

Head of Online Marketing

Our web analyst and controller plans and advises on the team’s online activities. He’s also an optimiser, a quality manager and a skilled social media marketer, who brings strategic foresight to his work. Fifteen years of experience in traditional and online marketing mean he never loses sight of the big picture: a combination of strategy, tools and analysis. Rudi is the go-to colleague for every online project.

Luca Hochschwarzer

Deputy Head of Online Marketing

As a digital native, Luca is an all-rounder who makes a strong addition to our online team. Whether it’s graphics, claims or social media, our efficient online marketer is an invaluable part of the whole process. Multitalented, his initiative and ideas flow day after day. He keeps a cool head in stressful situations and his relaxed, friendly manner makes working with him a joy every time.

Dejan Racic

Junior Online & E-Commerce Assistant

‘I’m captivated by TEAMD’s drive and international focus’, says Dejan Racic. Dejan speaks German, English and Serbian, and likes to travel and keep fit. He is also dedicated to personal development. A qualified installation engineer and facilities manager, he currently attends evening classes that will lay the foundations for his future career in e-commerce. ‘I perform a wide variety of tasks, so there’s still plenty for me to learn at marketing deluxe,’ says Dejan.

Florian Warum

Head of Multimedia & Senior Editor

Florian loves to immerse himself in a subject, but he’s also hugely proficient at teasing out the most significant points. He reaches the heart of a message in just a few words and conjures up unique concepts in his mind, which he then uses to write scripts and assist in organising shoots. Sometimes, he even steps behind the camera himself. ‘The appeal of working for Marketing Deluxe,’ he says, ‘lies in this blend of text and moving images.’

Eda Aksoy

Office & Sales Manager

‘Anything’s possible with the right team’, says our dynamic dynamo, Eda Aksoy. After tourism school in Zell am Ziller, she spent several years working for an international shipping company. Her innate sense of precision, flexibility, keen perception and passion for languages eventually led her to marketing deluxe. As well as German and English, Eda speaks Turkish, Italian and a little Serbo-Croatian and Polish. When she’s not painting or crafting, Eda loves to spend her free time on social media. ‘I’m delighted to be part of TEAMD!’

Victoria Schatz

Junior Communication Assistant

Research and health are at the centre of her work. They are passions that she not only pursues in her studies, but also as part of our Communications Department. Meticulously, efficiently and with panache, she researches medicine, pharmacy and molecular biology, nutrition and exercise, providing us with the scientific basis and the anchor points that result in customised and in-depth communication concepts. ‘No stress’ is her motto, even though you wouldn’t think so given the breakneck speed at which she works!

Rida Rouchdi

Our Sporty Social Media Expert

Law student Rida Rouchdi lives in Bolzano, loves to cook and has a passion for communicating – via social media, as part of TEAMD, and … as a football referee. ‘The way communication has developed in the last ten years is incredible. Virtually every aspect of life is now covered by social media.’ And this is where he sees his mission. Thanks to his Moroccan roots, the native Italian speaks fluent Arabic and shares his love for Morocco through Pur Life Maroc. When Rida isn’t at his computer, or in a lecture on Italian law at the University of Innsbruck, ‘you’ll probably find me at the university gym’ where the part-time soccer referee keeps fit. Among his dreams for the future: blowing the whistle for Italy’s Serie C …

Morocco & Middle East Representative

Said Boumahdi

Morocco & Middle East Representative

The native Moroccan is our representative for Morocco and the Middle East. The gateway to Africa –and only a 3.5-hour flight from Austria – Morocco is a significant future growth market. Said’s excellent market knowledge and contacts on the ground in the tourism sector allow him to unite Europe and Africa under the common aim of forging long-standing business relationships in both tourism and trade.

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Karen Waloschek

Head of Transcreation, Project Manager

A German to English translator with over 30 years of experience, Karen counts publishing houses, TV and film companies, art galleries, tourist boards, banks and architecture firms among her clients. She manages our international experts and her transcreations not only accurately convey the meaning of the German concepts and content in English; they read naturally, as if they had been written in English in the first place.

Amy Rose

Head of International Communications

Amy is a social media expert, international sales manager and more besides. Our creative word and GIFsmith works closely with international clients. With wide-ranging experience in printed and online media, including editing an independent magazine, this writer and author is the perfect embodiment of the digital generation. Amy is innovative, open-minded and always on point.

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Our team members tell our stories. They present our principles, visions and goals to the outside world and keep each other motivated. Constant discussion and lively cooperation make the working day at marketing deluxe a special experience. We have mastered the art of turning a raft of ideas and approaches into a cohesive concept.


We develop new products and forward-thinking concepts. We work with large-scale projects and are always on the lookout for the next megatrend. Every day brings new challenges, opportunities, successes and failures, which can only be tackled, overcome and celebrated together – as a team.


Working With Us

If our team spirit has piqued your interest and you’d like to join us at marketing deluxe, check out our Careers page and send us an application.
Marketing Experten - marketing deluxe – Allrounder im Full Service
Marketing Experten - marketing deluxe – Allrounder im Full Service