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Implementing Graphic Concepts

Transforming concepts into bodies of text and imagery requires skilful artistry. Inspired by your ideas, the graphic design experts at marketing deluxe give your company a distinctive polish: from logo development, corporate design and corporate identity concepts to product branding, product placement and screen and web design. You can now showcase your strong, inimitable image on all channels – online and offline. Your profile becomes memorable.

Shaping Your Vision

Shaping Your Vision

Verena Obrist’s experienced team have finely tuned project development and strategic implementation skills, as well as state-of-the-art technology at their disposal. This allows them to provide a gold-standard service to meet their sophisticated customers’ needs. In close consultation with our strategy team, they transform visions and ideas into a cogent, unified strategy, creating concepts with strong core messages and clear designs.


Whenever the artwork team meets to be briefed for a new graphic design project, the creative energy bursting from Verena Obrist is almost palpable. A sharp observer, with her iPhone always to hand for taking photos, she finds inspiration in everything – whether it’s the structure of a leaf or the lettering used at her local corner café. Although the self-proclaimed fashionista is based in Venice and her department has successfully completed hundreds of assignments, she always keeps an open mind and unconventional outlook. With a keen eye for an object’s essence, she sees every challenge as motivation for her and her team.

Verena Obrist
Verena Obrist
Grafik Design │ Artwork │ Corporate Design & Publishing
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Bespoke Emotion

The Graphic Design & Artwork Department works with meticulous precision to create an extensive range of high-quality visuals. They stay innovative by transforming current trends into distinctive, unique designs. This involves perfectly aligning print and online products, as well as all social media channels. This is how we succeed in evoking emotions and making sure you stick in your customers’ minds for the long term.

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  • Art direction
  • Creative direction
  • Logo development
  • Corporate design
  • Corporate identity
  • Product branding and placement
  • Brand guidelines
  • Editorial design
  • Image brochures
  • Storytelling magazines
  • Social selling and campaigns
  • Screen and web design
  • E-campaigns
  • B2B design
  • Communication tools
Grafik Design │ Artwork │ Corporate Design & Publishing
  • Studied at the HTL (Higher Technical Education Institute) for Graphics and Communications Design in Innsbruck
  • More than a decade as Art Director at a Tyrolean magazine with responsibility for their biggest relaunch at the time: eight regional magazines all over Austria
  • Since April 2015, she has held the role of Art Director in the Graphic Design & Artwork Department at marketing deluxe

  • An affinity for Italy and Italian lifestyle concepts
  • A feel for aesthetics and minimalistic design
  • A preference for simple, classic typography combined with elegant, reduced colour scales
  • A passion for photography, analogue and digital
  • A magazine junkie – creating and finding inspiration in them
  • Claudia Reichenberger
    Shaping the Future
    Strategy. Positioning. Strategic business development. Luxury. Niche. Health.
  • Forging an Identity
    Analysis. Design. Product development. Comprehensive brand support. Travel. Luxury. Lifestyle. Branding.
  • Sharing Information
    International communications
    Precise communications. English. French. Italian. Arabic.
  • Emotion at the Core
    Video content
    Digital media projects. Creative. Reliable. Calculable.
  • The Power of Words
    Content marketing
    Clear, convincing communication. Storytelling. Branded content.
  • Your Brand’s Voice
    Public relations
    PR strategies. PR work in eight different markets. A network.
  • Performance and Technology
    Online solutions
    Online marketing. Analysis. Tools. Conversion. Ranking.
  • Sales Force & CRM
    Sales and customer dialogue strategies. Relationship management. Networking.
  • Feel. Image. Form.
    Graphic artwork
    Corporate design. Business identity. Brand recognition.
  • More Than Translation
    Your brand’s voice, tailored to the market and your target audience by native speakers.
  • Positive Impressions
    Employer branding
    Boost your image. Recruit, retain and develop professionals.
  • marketing deluxe is a pioneer of the
    Health as a megatrend
    Mind for holistic health. Six steps to a successful brand.