A Mind for the Future

Development & Consulting

Understanding complex systems. Actively shaping the future. Confronting stagnation. Developing strategies with an accurate feel for trends and implementing them with detailed industry knowledge.

Plan of Action

Strategic Business Development

It all starts with an idea – the desire to advance your business and the vision to make it a success. The journey from the idea through to implementation requires methods and strategies. Having specialised in developments and consulting for decades, we develop approaches based on the successful methods of the energo-cybernetic model.

We analyse your strengths and resources before defining your core target group, their needs and requirements. Armed with this information, we then work with you to create a demand-based, dynamic problem-solving concept. We strengthen your resources in a targeted manner and integrate complementary skills.

Reach pole position with a solid foundation, focus and a dynamic strategy.

Instead of following the mainstream, we focus on a specific niche in your area of business, developing a comprehensive concept and product. Based on our internal analyses, maximum market and target-group awareness, product expertise and practical knowledge, we create your bespoke strategic solution – tailored specifically to your target group and market.

‘Join us – strategic, methodical, focused – and prepare for lift off!’
Methods for Success

Do you struggle to find time for development? Are you treading water? Are you making your visions a reality … or are they still pipe dreams? Together, we can take the first steps in laying the foundations of your success – the right strategy is the only way to achieve the objective: a bright future for your business! We identify your strengths and talents, your target group and your vision. We work with you to develop tailor-made strategies and concepts that will help you realise your dreams of succeeding in your niche market.

A Phoenix Rising from the Mainstream’s Ashes

Our bespoke strategies will help your brand and product stand out from the crowd as they strive towards market leadership. As a specialist in development and consulting, I can draw on 15 years of experience in the upscale international hotels, gastronomy and holistic health niche segment to set your individual business strategy on the right track and help you leave your mark. Perfectionism and the drive to succeed are in my blood, as is the determination to make continuous progress, create new products and concepts and polish them to completion.

From the idea through to implementation; from strategic development to establishment in the market. As a team, we have an accurate feel for trends and impeccable eye for detail that always put us three steps ahead. This has allowed us to develop a unique network and international expertise in the fields of marketing, press and sales – making all the difference to the success of your business strategy.

Optimising Business Processes

A Shared Journey

Companies are increasingly recognising that they can’t get by without a long-term, forward-looking plan. Further developing key skills isn’t enough to achieve sustainable success. A continuously changing environment, an increasingly globalised market and unexpected challenges are forcing businesses to rethink their approach. The development and consulting team evaluate and assess business models with a view to future positioning and link them with the ambitious goal of market leadership.

  • Strategic planning
  • Strategic and operative management
  • Strategic business development
  • Tapping into niche and emerging markets
  • Positioning
  • Brand development and international brand management
  • Quality management
  • Concept and project development
  • B2B and B2C consulting
  • Communication
  • National and international public relations
  • Licencing system development
  • Business economist
  • Degree in tourism specialising in marketing/sales
  • Several years spent abroad in the UK and France
  • 14 years as Hotel Director at the 5-star SPA-Hotel Jagdhof, Stubai, Austria
  • Pioneer in international health marketing and prevention

  • Holistic health and spa consulting
  • Development of successful brands such as European Ayurveda®, Alpine Holistic®
  • Brand ambassador for Simon Taxacher since 2009
  • Speaker at international specialist and spa conventions
  • Personal continuing education including Equine Facilitated Learning
  • Leadership development with behaviour analysis
  • Intercultural management
Management Skills
Development & Consulting – Strategic Business Planning
Development & Consulting – Strategic Business Planning
  • Claudia Reichenberger
    Shaping the Future
    Strategy. Positioning. Strategic business development. Luxury. Niche. Health.
  • Forging an Identity
    Analysis. Design. Product development. Comprehensive brand support. Travel. Luxury. Lifestyle. Branding.
  • Sharing Information
    International communications
    Precise communications. English. French. Italian. Arabic.
  • Emotion at the Core
    Video content
    Digital media projects. Creative. Reliable. Calculable.
  • The Power of Words
    Content marketing
    Clear, convincing communication. Storytelling. Branded content.
  • Your Brand’s Voice
    Public relations
    PR strategies. PR work in eight different markets. A network.
  • Performance and Technology
    Online solutions
    Online marketing. Analysis. Tools. Conversion. Ranking.
  • Sales Force & CRM
    Sales and customer dialogue strategies. Relationship management. Networking.
  • Feel. Image. Form.
    Graphic artwork
    Corporate design. Business identity. Brand recognition.
  • More Than Translation
    Your brand’s voice, tailored to the market and your target audience by native speakers.
  • Positive Impressions
    Employer branding
    Boost your image. Recruit, retain and develop professionals.
  • marketing deluxe is a pioneer of the
    Health as a megatrend
    Mind for holistic health. Six steps to a successful brand.