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The Target Makes the Difference

…and so does the communication channel. In an age of all-encompassing digital connectivity, content marketing and copywriting have become prime disciplines in marketing and sales. Know your target group, align text and content to their specific needs and use the right channel to convey your message at the right time – that’s the only way to achieve your objectives: action, engagement and profits.

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Content Marketing

Content marketing is part of strategic marketing, which is now more critical than classic advertising. At a time when we’re hyper-connected and constantly flooded with information, attractive packaging alone isn’t enough. Your content has to persuade – added value makes the difference. This is at the very centre of content marketing. It’s how consumers become customers and customers become repeat customers.

We focus on SEO-optimised texts and target-group oriented language in speech, writing, video and images. Bespoke content appeals directly to your accurately defined and analysed target group. The customer identifies with you and your product, generates added value and develops sympathy for and an emotional connection to your brand. You and your product become problem solvers that generate needs.

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Content writing and copywriting are two distinct skills. Whereas content writing is designed to educate or entertain, copywriting aims to persuade. We use target-group focused copywriting to prompt the reader to take action. This action might be purchasing a product, booking a service or subscribing to a newsletter. Selecting the correct target group is essential because the only way to achieve the desired reaction is to address the right target group with the right product through the right channel. Thorough analysis of target groups and markets together with in-depth product knowledge allows us to provide innovative, target-group oriented and niche-focused copywriting services. We can therefore reach your target clientele without scatter loss, persuade them with authentic content, and tempt them with bespoke products and services that meet their needs, motivating them to take action.

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Our Copywriting Services Include

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Style Your Content

Copywriting and Content Creation for Focused Content Marketing

Content marketing doesn’t work without copywriting – and vice versa. Why? Purely informative content rarely sells without copy. The reason is information overload. Modern consumers are looking for meaningful content and don’t want to waste their time on ‘adverts’. The solution? Integrating informative content into your copywriting. The team at marketing deluxe knows how to combine your content marketing with relevant information and calls to action. They understand how to reach the right target groups with maximum benefit to the customer and towards long-term sales increases for you. Consumer behaviour is continuously evolving. The feedback from our content marketing and copywriting activities enables us to adapt our strategy continuously. Our goal is always the same: to achieve the best possible results for our clients and your customers.

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    Shaping the Future
    Strategy. Positioning. Strategic business development. Luxury. Niche. Health.
  • Forging an Identity
    Analysis. Design. Product development. Comprehensive brand support. Travel. Luxury. Lifestyle. Branding.
  • Sharing Information
    International communications
    Precise communications. English. French. Italian. Arabic.
  • Emotion at the Core
    Video content
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    Content marketing
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    Public relations
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    Sales and customer dialogue strategies. Relationship management. Networking.
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    Graphic artwork
    Corporate design. Business identity. Brand recognition.
  • More Than Translation
    Your brand’s voice, tailored to the market and your target audience by native speakers.
  • Positive Impressions
    Employer branding
    Boost your image. Recruit, retain and develop professionals.
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    Health as a megatrend
    Mind for holistic health. Six steps to a successful brand.