26 February 2024
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Michelin Guide Belgium & Luxembourg 2024


The Michelin Guide Belgium & Luxembourg 2024 was presented on 26 February in Antwerp with nine new 1-star, two new 2-star, one green star and the Sommelier and Young Chef Awards. The two 3-star restaurants, Zilte by Viki Geunes in Antwerp and Boury by Tim Boury in Roeselare, had their outstanding positions confirmed. Simone van Trier led the morning ceremony.


  • Nine restaurants awarded their first star

    • Pré De Chez Vous | Julien Malaisse | Bouge
    • La Roseraie | Marie Trignon | Modave
    • L’Impératif d’Éole | Benoît Neusy | Quevy-Le-Grand
    • Menssa | Christophe Hardiquest | Woluwe-Saint-Pierre
    • Pont Neuf | Tommy Bocklandt | Antwerp
    • Neon | Nils Proost | Lier
    • Julien | Davy Devlieghere | Lovendegem
    • Hoeve De Bies | Maurice Huynen | St-Martens-Voeren
    • Apdikt | Mathieu Van Wetteren | Steinfort
  • Two restaurants awarded their second star

    • Sir Kwinten | Glenn Verhasselt | Sint-Kwintens-Lennik
    • Hof Van Cleve | Floris Van Der Veken | Kruisem
  • Two 3-star-restaurants confirmed

    • Zilte | Viki Geunes | Antwerp
    • Boury | Tim Boury | Roeselare
  • One restaurant awarded a green star

    • Neon | Nils Proost | Lier
  • Sommelier of the Year 2024

    • Mathieu Vanneste | Boury | Roeselare
  • Young Chef Award 2024

    • Julien Malaisse | Pré De Chez Vous | Bouge

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Hertog Jan by Gert de Mangeleer and Joachim Boudens in Antwerp is a huge success, as was confirmed by the renewed award of 2 stars. Six years ago, Gert and Joachim announced the closure of their 3-star restaurant Hertog Jan in Zedelgem near Bruges. After their many years there, the duo were ready to take time out to reflect and find the space for new ideas such as the Hertog Jan Restaurant Group’s L.E.S.S. Eatery, and Bar Bulot in Bruges. The latter opened in 2019, and was quickly awarded a Michelin star. A second Bar Bulot, in Antwerp, followed in October 2021, and, in late 2022, Bar Bulot Bruges moved to the beautiful farmhouse, Hof De Pleyne in Zedelgem, where Hertog Jan had closed its doors in 2018.

But the call of high-end gastronomy proved irresistible: Gert and Joachim felt the need to push their culinary boundaries once more. In 2021, they established Hertog Jan at Botanic Antwerp. The concept became even more exclusive: open for only two weeks a month, Hertog Jan offers a maximum of 22 covers within the historic setting of the Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp hotel. Very soon after opening Hertog Jan in Antwerp, they attended the 2022 Michelin ceremony where they received two stars. Retaining these in 2024 honours Gert, Joachim and the entire Hertog Jan team’s culinary passion. It also validates the course that Hertog Jan at Botanic Antwerp is taking within the Belgian gastronomic landscape.


The pursuit of culinary excellence with the highest level of innovation, creativity, artistry, sustainability and vision characterise the starry chefs of the culinary world. Giving this endeavour a framework is the mission and vision of the Staryteller Community. We provide a platform to build relationships within the world’s culinary elite, exchange ideas, drive innovation and carry them into a sustainable future. We tell stories that are based on personalities and convey the wealth of culinary – and therefore cultural – heritage to the world. Last but not least, we are committed to recognising and valuing the culinary arts as an important cultural and artistic expression that contributes to the richness of global culinary heritage.

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