Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp

Best New Hotel Awards 2023

New Awards for Antwerp’s New Star!

Best New Hotel Bar & Best New Hotel Meeting & Events

The brainchild of marketeers Typhoon Hospitality, the New Hotel Awards were first set up in 2022 to acknowledge Belgium’s best newcomers in seven categories:

  • Best New Hotel Restaurant
  • Best New Hotel Bar

  • Best New Hotel Design

  • Best New Hotel Price Guarantee

  • Best New Hotel Meeting & Events

  • Best New Sustainable Hotel

  • Public Award
Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp recipient of Best New Hotel Awards: Best New Hotel Bar and Best New Hotel Meeting & Event awards 2023
Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp recipient of Best New Hotel Awards: Best New Hotel Bar and Best New Hotel Meeting & Event awards 2023

Success & Recognition

This year, the awards night was held on 27 March 2023 at Antwerp’s La Gare 27 where our sparkling client, Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp, scooped up not one but two awards: Best New Hotel Bar and Best New Hotel Meeting & Events – congratulations to the 5-star superior Leading Hotel of the World!

What the Jury Said

‘Once again this year we were surprised at the level of newly opened hotels in Belgium. Dedication and love for the industry ensured a high-quality selection for the second edition as well. The hospitality sector in Belgium has a lot to offer.’

Rachel Persoon, Jury President and owner of Typhoon Hospitality

Judicious Judges

In addition to Rachel Persoon, jury chairman and owner of Typhoon Hospitality, each of the other six Best New Hotel judges is an expert in one of the award categories.

Hannah Van Ongevalle, for instance, is the owner of a cocktail catering company, has won the prestigious Best Belgian Bartender award, and written a best-selling cocktail ‘bible’. Her opinion counts, and her estimation of the Botanic’s Henry’s Bar is clearly very high indeed. Our part in the bar’s success included the overall concept that pays homage to the cultural heritage, life and joy of the Botanical Garden. Branding, logo and positioning were also developed in close partnership between the client and marketing deluxe.

The judge in charge of the Meeting & Events category was Cleo De Backer, Managing Partner at We Make You Happy, the Ghent based events company. With a huge portfolio under her belt, she knows her onions (conference spaces), and so do we! With 14 multifunctional conference rooms, solutions for all kinds of meetings and events, and space for up to 500 delegates, the Botanic Congress Centre provides a global benchmark for a new business lifestyle. marketing deluxe’s tailored approach to the Botanic involved paying close attention as we devised a strategy, developed the project, marketed the product, and delivered high-quality content.

Best New Hotel Awards

The Client’s Reaction

‘We are  proud and honoured to be the recipients of these awards, which result from the whole team’s commitment and hard work. We would like to thank New Hotel Awards for awarding our Congress Centre and Henry’s Bar this extraordinary recognition.’

Photocredit: © Michael Huber, Rafael Barak, Hugo Thomassen

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