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When FEINSCHMECKER Met the Botanic

Luxury events are exclusive, high-end and an amazing way to create a unique and memorable experience while reinforcing your brand’s positioning and values. DER FEINSCHMECKER, the renowned German foodie magazine, accepted our invitation to stage their first in a series of ‘Meister & Meisterliches’ (Masters & Masterly) events in June 2023 with participants enjoying an exclusive gourmet trip to Antwerp. This brilliant opening event led them to the 5-star superior Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp, where the best of many worlds was celebrated by top-class partners over three days. Elegant Jaguar convertibles provided sporty dynamics and fine materials on the journey to the Belgian city. The goal was to create an immersive experience of the sanctuary with luxury, opulence, and indulgence.

But What’s the Point of Luxury Event Marketing?
  • 1

    Targeting an affluent clientele: Luxury event marketing with FEINSCHMECKER allowed the Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp to reach an audience of high-net-worth individuals.

  • 2

    Creating exclusivity and prestige: The FEINSCHMECKER event was exclusive, creating a sense of prestige around the hotel and the event.

  • 3

    Providing immersive brand experiences: This was the perfect opportunity for the Botanic to showcase their 5-star superior hotel, Michelin-starred restaurants and award-winning spa.

  • 4

    Building relationships and fostering loyalty: By engaging the attendees in a luxurious and memorable environment, the Botanic could build relationships, strengthen their brand loyalty, and create a network of loyal customers who are likely to spread the word!

  • 5

    Generating media coverage and buzz: Well-executed luxury events often attract media attention, both from traditional outlets and social media influencers. The Feinschmecker event was well publicised in print, online and social media.

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    Differentiating from competitors: In a crowded luxury market, event marketing can be a powerful tool for standing out from competitors.

So What Did Feinchmecker’s Guests Do?

Culinary Experiences by:

  • Chefs Jacob Jan Boerma (1 Michelin Star) and Ruben Christiaens (Michelin Young Chef of the Year 2022)
  • Hertog Jan: Chef Gert de Mangeleer (2 Michelin Stars) and Joachim Boudens
  • Bar Bulot: Chef Koen Gussenhoven
  • Restaurant 1238: Chef Pascal Duvivier
  • Marie-Rose: branded by Chef Viki Geunes (3 Michelin Stars)
  • Tobacco culture and tasting of Carlos André premium rum with Mario Rodmann
  • An exclusive tasting experience with Louis XIII Cognac and brand ambassadors Lisa de Ridder and Thomas Zilm

Cultural Delights:

  • Arrival in an F-Type provided by Jaguar Germany
  • The Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp
  • International Diamonds; Filip van Laere & the HRD Diamond Laboratory
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I Accept

We would like to thank Deborah Middelhoff, Editor-in-Chief of FEINSCHMECKER, who accepted our invitation to stage their first event at the Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp. Special thanks also to Graciela Werner from Essence of Life for organising everything so beautifully!

‘Expectations were very high, but in the end, everyone had a load of fun! We love precision. Down to the last detail!’

Claudia Reichenberger

Luxury event marketing offers your company the opportunity to connect with affluent clients, create memorable brand experiences, foster loyalty, and generate valuable publicity. By leveraging the exclusive and immersive nature of luxury events, you can enhance your brand image, increase sales, and maintain a competitive edge in the luxury market. Sounds good? Get in touch to see how marketing deluxe can support you on your journey.


Dear Claudia Reichenberger,

I simply had to express my heartfelt gratitude for your wonderful and reliable cooperation. Our high-level creative collaboration has been utterly outstanding! You and the Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp’s amazing team made the première of our ‘Meister und Meisterliches’ event for Der FEINSCHMECKER magazine a truly special experience in Antwerp! It was a pleasure to work with you and I look forward to further joint projects with Marketing Deluxe.

Kind regards, Rita-Graciela Werner, Event Curator, Essence of Life-Wesentliches Erleben

Photocredit: ©Nicolaj-Koraus

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