Employer Branding

A grandmaster guide for IQ Mountain Health Resort

Development. Positioning. Communications.

Full-service since 2018

Building Mountain Health

From vision to reality since 2018

Mountain Health Medical Spa

Ongoing development

Digital Marketing

Game changer for healthcare

Brand Ambassador

Simon Taxacher and 5-star Hotel Rosengarten

From 0 to hero

Brand development – positioning – PR Simon Taxacher 2009 – 2023

Corporate Communications

Food & travel for Hotel Restaurant Rosengarten

15 Years

Media relations for Hotel Rosengarten

Brand Personality

Definitely yes!

Family Branding

Belgium’s first 5-star superior hotel

Print Me

Concept – Text – Layout – Design – Uniqueness au point

Publish Me

More than 7 years targeted PR for La Butte aux Bois

Doctor’s Brand

Creating La Forêt by Dr Bullens

Spa Development

Belgium’s leading Spa Retreat

Mayr Clinic

Digital marketing from 2008-2021

Modern Mayr Medicine & Park Igls

Development. Positioning. Communications. 2008-2021

Special Interest PR

Public relations from 2008-2021

Health Journalism

Two languages. 2008-2021

Marketing & Sales

Building a trusted brand. 2008-2021

Brand Identity

Shop and retail branding

Developing a Niche Destination

Exploring Morocco with your private concierge

Pur Life Maroc

Creating a handpicked selection of experiences

Pur Life Maroc

Travel Made to Measure

Pur Life Maroc

Event marketing in Essaouira