Mountain Health Resort

Intelligent Curing

Introducing IQ Mountain Health Resort

As well as forming part of the history and pristine landscape of Wildschönau in Tirol, this high-end health resort is forging new paths towards Intelligent Curing. Welcome to the future of integrative medical diagnostics in synergy with holistic, tailor-made solutions.

Mountain Health Resort Opening Spring 2024
Mountain Health Resort Opening Spring 2024

All roads lead to Rome … but do they also lead to a long, healthy and beautiful life? There are many ways to approach fasting, all of which offer an effective method for resetting the body, and allowing it to repair itself. Regardless of whether a fast lasts for 5 days or 6 weeks, early successes lead to elation as we feel more energised – skin looks fresher, and the pounds seem to drop off at a rate of knots! The effects on health and appearance speak for themselves. However, the euphoria soon subsides when we resume ‘business as usual’ and suffer the full force of the yo-yo effect. Even the medical profession recommends several fasting periods a year, but this can only be sustainable if, amid the confusing jungle of advice, we are able to find our own, personal holistic healthstyle to help us keep on track between fasts. The solution? Intelligent Curing.

Mountain Health Resort Opening Spring 2024
Introducing Intelligent Curing

Intelligent Curing is based on a scientifically sound holistic approach built on decades of research. Developed by doctors with guidance from universities, it delivers tailor-made holistic solutions for our times. A team of experts, doctors and visionaries came together with the aim of making Intelligent Curing accessible to guests from around the world. So, deep in the wild beauty of the Tirolean Alps, the IQ Mountain Health Resort in Wildschönau offers a high-end health retreat with the IQcure brand at its core. Doing away with health myths, IQcure focuses on preventative measures and customised solutions for a long, healthy and active life – healthy longevity. IQcure’s attention is always on the person and their holistic individuality. The resort specialises in diagnostics, treatment and transformation: IQ Prevent, IQ Treat and IQ Transform. A dedicated health concierge guides each guest towards their personal health solution, providing knowledgeable advice and support with skill and sensitivity.

Mountain Health Resort Opening Spring 2024
Medical Diagnostics

The IQ Mountain Health Resort’s HQ for medical expertise is the medical spa where an excellent team of private clinicians and consultants offers a wide range of evidence-based preventative and nutritional medical services as well as integrated medical diagnostics. Programmes include Beauty & Aesthetics, Stress Positivity, Mental Resilience, Holistic Detox, Weight Balance, Spiritual Cleansing, Mobility, Medical Fitness and Fit Performance.

Mountain Health Resort Opening Spring 2024
Holistic Spa

IQcure dispels health myths and focuses on highly effective prevention and tailor-made solutions for a long, healthy and mobile life: Health Longevity. The focus is always on the human being in their entirety. With IQ Prevent, IQ Treat & IQ Transform, the resort specialises in diagnostics, treatment & transformation. Guiding you through your journey is your own health concierge who can provide advice and support, with expertise and sensitivity always at your side.

Mountain Health Resort Opening Spring 2024
Medical Fitness

The aim is to achieve maximum therapeutic impact on the musculoskeletal system: from fascia and tendons to muscles and joints. Mobility is essential to quality of life and provides the cornerstone of performance. By focusing on diagnostic and therapeutic expertise in the area of integrated mobility improvement, Intelligent Curing offers a ground-breaking long-term preventative concept.

Fit Performance

Highly professional in their approach, instructors accompany guests on their personalised journeys to peak performance based their individual make-up. This involves a combination of indoor and outdoor programmes, gentle exercise, high-intensity training and recovery, supported by a range of highly effective holistic health treatments to actively promote recovery, detoxification and a sense of ease.

Mountain Health Resort Opening Spring 2024
Mental Mountain Health

Sustainable, long-term physical health and fitness require, above all, a healthy mind-set. To help transform the mind and find a person’s individual healthstyle, sustainable preventive measures lead to modifications in thoughts and actions, thereby providing a foundation for a healthy lifestyle. The result is positive transformation of the outer and inner self, ensuring lasting Fit Performance and healthy wellbeing.

Mountain Health Resort Opening Spring 2024
Cook for Health

Food is fuel, and a long and healthy life requires wholesome nutrition to set the body’s epigenetic mechanisms on a positive course. Cook for Health is an intelligent nutrition programme that hands people control of their own health and personal healthstyle. It’s scientifically sound and rests on a low-carb and low-cal metabolic approach that efficiently facilitates weight loss.

Mountain Health Resort Opening Spring 2024
Mountain Health Resort Opening Spring 2024
Destination Mountain Health Resort – Historic Healthy Hedonic

Born from pristine nature and fed from a source of pure energy – in synergy with Intelligent Curing, a new form of life-changing health travel is emerging in the mountains of Tirol in Austria, where guests find space and time for a healthy and sustainable transformation of body, mind and spirit.

The IQ Mountain Health Resort builds on the 850-year-old walls of the former Kellerwirt tithe barn. As part of a comprehensive project of restoration and construction, the historic refuge will emerge as an international health resort in 2024. The ancient tithe barn, Stuben, vaulted and historic rooms are gracefully accompanied by the regional architecture of the extensions, as well as interiors with history that embrace wellbeing, luxury and regional architecture.

The heart of the IQ Mountain Health Resort is the 3,500sqm medico-holistic health centre where prevention, recovery and the quality of life of an increasingly ageing society take centre stage. All rooms and suites, from Monastic Heritage Rooms to Mountain Peak Suites, have been designed with individual healthy living in mind. Unique and spacious, the Chalet Suites are dedicated to health and fitness. Guests find privacy and wellbeing in the heart of Wildschönau’s pristine mountain landscape: a sustainable environment for restoration, prevention and successful transformation. It is also the birth of a realistic approach to a long and healthy life. Destination Mountain Health: it’s a life changer.

Photocredit: © IQ Mountain Health Resort

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