Launch of the Wellness & Spa Guide 2024

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Condé Nast Wellness & Spa Awards 2024
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Spa aficionados and wellness enthusiasts converged upon the illustrious Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park on Monday 29 January for a night of celebration at the Condé Nast Traveller Wellness & Spa Awards 2024. This exclusive event marked the unveiling of the highly anticipated Wellness & Spa Guide 2024, sponsored by Healing Holidays, the esteemed wellness retreat experts.

Guests were greeted with champagne and canapés followed by an inspiring speech from Divia Thani, Condé Nast’s Global Editorial Director. Her words set the tone for the evening, emphasising the profound impact of wellness on our lives. Thani’s vision echoed the sentiment that true luxury lies in nurturing the soul and fostering wellbeing from within. With her words as a guiding light, the unveiling of the highly anticipated Wellness & Spa Guide 2024 took on an even deeper significance.

We were treated to a showcase of the finest sanctuaries for rejuvenation and relaxation around the globe. Each award category represented a pinnacle of excellence in the realm of wellness and spa retreats.

Condé Nast Wellness & Spa Awards 2024_London_marketing_deluxe

The Winners of the Condé Nast Wellness & Spa Awards 2024

  • Euro Medimagic: Lanserhof Sylt, Germany
  • Forever Icon: Como Shambhala Estate, Indonesia
  • Family First: Acquaforte Thalasso & Spa, Forte Village, Italy
  • Live Your Best Life: SHA Wellness Clinic, Spain
  • Ultimate Reboot: Absolute Sanctuary, Thailand

These winners exemplify unparalleled commitment to wellness, offering guests transformative experiences that nurture the mind, body, and spirit.

Wellness & Spa Guide 2024

Now, let’s delve into the tantalising insights offered by the Wellness & Spa Guide 2024. This year’s edition not only showcases the crème de la crème of wellness destinations but also sheds light on emerging trends and themes that are reshaping the spa landscape.

In a world where holistic health is increasingly prioritised, the guide explores spa trends catering to diverse needs and preferences. From addressing sexual health and menopause with specialised treatments to fostering family healing through multigenerational retreats, spas are evolving to cater to the holistic wellbeing of all guests.

Moreover, adventurous souls seeking solace in unconventional therapies will find it in offerings such as surfing therapy, where the rhythmic waves serve as a conduit for mental and emotional healing. Meanwhile, the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda continues to captivate spa-goers, offering personalised wellness rituals rooted in ancient tradition.

As we bask in the glow of the Wellness & Spa Guide 2024, we eagerly anticipate the forthcoming launch of Condé Nast Traveller in Germany. This expansion promises to further elevate the discourse surrounding luxury travel and wellness, inviting enthusiasts to embark on transformative journeys across the globe.

The Condé Nast Traveller Wellness & Spa Awards ceremony was a testament to the enduring allure of luxury wellness and the boundless possibilities it offers for self-discovery and renewal. As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of wellness travel, one thing remains certain: the pursuit of holistic wellbeing knows no bounds.

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