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Definitely NOT Double Dutch!

Welcome, Kasteel Oost

A first-class luxury hotel surrounded by nature. A hotspot for regional products with a broad culinary palette. These are the ambitions behind the work that has been ongoing at the Kasteel Oost chateau in the Dutch village of Oost-Maarland. The aim? To create a destination hotel in ‚the garden of Maastricht‘, a 5-minute drive from Limburg’s capital.

The project is on site, key personnel on board, and we’re sharpening our development tools, ready for action!


Star Team Aims to Take Kasteel Oost to the Top

Once the seat of noble families, Kasteel Oost in Oost-Maarland, was also the 18th-century birthplace of the Prince-Bishop of Liège, Cesar van Hoensbroeck. In the second half of the 20th century it became the home of the artist Teun Roosenburg.

The manor house underwent many alterations during its long history, and the current owners, Michel and Leon Maes, are busy restoring it to its former glory. Michel and Leon see it becoming a prime location in the field of hospitality – the aim is for a top rating and for the restaurant to be awarded at least one Michelin star! Their plan is for hotel rooms in the chateau, the manor’s farm, and a new building. There will also be a contemporary bistro and hotel bar; separate function rooms for events, weddings, presentations and meetings; a shop where regional products will be on sale; and a vineyard. We already have very exciting plans for creating a floating spa experience.

All of this is being done in accordance to the Cittaslow (slow town) principle, which prioritises sustainability and a localised supply of products. The main aims of the movement are improving quality of life, protecting the environment, promoting cultural diversity and providing inspiration for a healthier lifestyle. The estate’s unique location on the edge of a nature reserve on the banks of the Maas emphasises its connection with nature. Perfect for reaching out to younger generations.

The Maes brothers do not plan to run the hotel themselves. Instead they have enlisted the help of a star team: hotelier to the stars Marc Alofs and Michelin-starred chef Jacob Jan Boerma. ‘Running a hotel is not where our expertise lies, and this is something you should leave to the professionals,’ says Michel Maes. ‘But we’ll be involved, because we feel that this could be a beautiful thing for the whole region. It fits our ideals about sustainability, respect for nature, organic farming and the principles of Cittaslow.’

Hotelier Nonpareil

Alofs has a clear vision of the path to success. ‘We’re going to set very high standards. But we’ll also ensure that every euro our guests spend here is absolutely worth it. We also want to be open to the people in the immediate area by providing things like good and affordable Sunday brunches and a shop selling regional products. Kasteel Oost needs to become an extraordinary experience for the whole region; one where people – including our staff – are at the heart of everything we do. In fact, we’ve already received applications from many skilled and highly driven people wanting to join our team.’

Marc Alofs also believes that a high-end hotel has to focus on an international clientele. ‘We have to look beyond the Netherlands and Belgium towards Germany and other countries. My wife Stéphanie and I are bowled over by this project. As before, at La Butte aux Bois and Botanic Sanctuary, she will assist me. When Michel and Leon Maes invited us to have a look on site, something happened – we could see that a top-class hotel in such a beautiful nature reserve, just a stone’s throw from Maastricht, was an opportunity not to be missed – an opportunity to create a truly extraordinary hub of hospitality.’

Marketing_Deluxe_Kasteel Oost
Marketing_Deluxe_Kasteel Oost
Marketing_Deluxe_Kasteel Oost
Marketing_Deluxe_Kasteel Oost
Marketing_Deluxe_Kasteel Oost
Star-Spangled Cuisine

The natural setting and a shared determination to focus on ingredients grown in their own garden or sourced from local suppliers were what motivated Jacob Jan Boerma to work with the Maes brothers.

‘We are often approached to collaborate on interesting projects, and we love the drive of this project. It really is about the people, and when you discover that you click with each other, then everything becomes possible. Moreover, we know Marc Alofs well from working with him at La Butte Aux Bois and then the Botanic in Antwerp. We’re already attuned to each other and we are thrilled to be working together again on this estate.’

Claudia Reichenberger

TEAMD – The Choice of Champions

Naturally, the marketing deluxe team is cock-a-hoop – there’s nothing like a brand new project (especially one as brand new as this one: it’s still under construction!) to whet the appetite of our international crew of professionals. Our bespoke strategies will help develop the Kasteel’s brand and make it stand out from the crowd. We have an accurate feel for trends and impeccable eye for detail that we will put to use to help this fabulous new venture find the success it so patently deserves. Welcome to our world, Kasteel Oost!

Photocredit: © marketing deluxe GmbH

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