Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp

On Travel + Leisure Magazine’s It List

Prestige for Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp

Press and PR Work Bears Fruit

Top New York-based travel magazine Travel + Leisure have recently published their eagerly awaited annual It List of the best new hotels in the world – and our client, Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp have been included in their City Hotels Category! Only 100 hotels from all over the world are recognised and just 24 are city hotels, so we couldn’t be more thrilled with this outcome!

What they loved:

  • The three-storey destination spa with holistic healing spa concept
  • The 5 restaurants including 3 with Michelin stars
  • The sunny gardens and meditative courtyards
  • The use of original beams and infrastructure in the rooms
  • The cool colour palette of blues, greys, browns, and soft pink
  • The sheer luxury

What they said:

A great hotel is so much more than just a room. A truly memorable property can become a cherished place you return to again and again. A place you tell your friends about. A place that feels like home (or, a total escape from home, when that’s what you need).

That certainly describes our Belgian stars, the Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp – congratulations for making it into such exalted company!

Press & PR Work is More Than Just Shmooze

Good PR is key. Of course it helps to have great rapport with journalists and tastemakers – but G&T and mwahs alone won’t get you noticed by the world, and especially not that special part of the world that’s most relevant to you and your product. Our press work is always targeted, always professional and never dull – and our press workers are all consummate professionals; international, multilingual and with their fingers firmly on the zeitgeist’s pulse!

Photocredit: ©Hugo Thomassen

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