Joining Marketing Deluxe

Adam’s Career Progression

The Start of Something Special!

My route to joining marketing deluxe was quite a surprising one. I had been working as a freelance translator and proofreader, specialising in the tourism and hospitality sectors, pretty much since I started in 2014. Things were going well. I had a steady stream of work and a loyal client base. Then Covid came along in mid-March 2020. Hotels were forced to close, my clients stopped sending me work and I began to struggle … I found myself having to accept work in sectors I didn’t enjoy quite as much, just to make ends meet. That is, until December 2021.

The Covid measures were gradually being relaxed, hotels were reopening, guests were coming back and marketing deluxe was looking to expand – they needed another transcreator with English as their native language. One of my freelance colleagues recommended me to the company and I gladly accepted the first job they sent me. It went really well, and before I knew what was happening, they were sending me more and more work. Before long, the idea of me joining marketing deluxe as a permanent member of staff was being dropped into conversations.

Adam Yeomans
TEAMD – our team spirit is unparalleled!

Face to Face with Marketing Deluxe!

I was both elated and humbled to have been considered good enough to get more freelance work from them in the first place, let alone to have been considered for permanent employment! I joined the team for their postponed Christmas social, and everything clicked so nicely that I took the job as soon as it was offered to me. The rest, as they say, is history.

My trip to head office for onboarding was great. It was hugely productive and rewarding. My new colleagues showed me how systems like WordPress and RapidMail work, so I can now proofread online. I learnt so much, and then I returned home to start work and become accustomed to being an employee. A daunting task after seven years of self-employment, but it was worth it! The patience, advice and encouragement from the rest of the team was second to none.

Career Progression

In no time at all, more training was organised. During my second visit to head office, I learned how to leverage platforms such as Instagram and Facebook in ways that benefit both our client base and us as an advertising agency. What’s more, the highly interesting theoretical and practical training was prepared and delivered by other team members, rather than an external third party, and this personal touch made it all the more memorable and valuable. I can’t wait for my next visit to Schwaz!

Both management and my peers never wavered in their support for me. Since then, I can only say that, together, we’ve gone from strength to strength. I’m thoroughly enjoying my time here; the variety of tasks – no two days are the same – and the value and appreciation I feel for myself and my work is just indescribable. Thank you, marketing deluxe!

Unsere Kernkompetenzen
  • Reichenberger Claudia
    Zukunft gestalten
    Strategie. Positionierung. Strategische Businessentwicklung. Luxury. Niche. Health.
  • Identität stiften
    Analyse. Konzeption. Produktentwicklung. Ganzheitliche Markenbetreuung. Travel. Luxury. Lifestyle. Brand.
  • Information sharing
    International Communications
    Kommunikation am Punkt. Englisch. Französisch. Italienisch. Arabisch.
  • Emotion im Fokus
    Video Creations
    Digitale Medienprojekte. Kreativ. Zuverlässig. Kalkulierbar.
  • Kraft der Worte
    Content Marketing
    Überzeugende und transparente Kommunikation. Storytelling. Branded Content.
  • Ihre Marke spricht
    Public Relations
    PR-Strategien. Öffentlichkeitsarbeit auf acht verschiedenen Märkten. Vernetzt.
  • Performance. Technology.
    Online Solutions
    Online-Marketing. Analyse. Tools. Conversion. Ranking.
  • Sales Force & CRM
    Strategien für Verkaufs- und Kundengespräche. Beziehungsmanagement. Netzwerk.
  • Gefühl. Bild. Form
    Grafik Artwork
    Corporate Design. Unternehmens-Identität. Markenbekanntheit.
  • Not only translated
    Die Sprache der Marke an den Markt und die Zielgruppe angepasst. Native Speaker.
  • Positiv auffallen
    Employer Branding
    Stärken Sie Ihr Image. Fachkräfte gewinnen, fördern und binden!
  • marketing deluxe als Pionier im
    Megatrend Gesundheit
    Mind for Holistic Health. In sechs Schritten zur erfolgreichen Marke.