World Luxury Awards 2023

A Winning Year!

12 World Luxury Awards & Restaurant of the Year 2023

marketing deluxe has scaled the peak of success! During the 17th World Luxury Awards 2023 at the Grand Hyatt in Athens, the international public relations agency won 12 World Luxury Awards PLUS Restaurant of the Year 2023. Instead of Greek wine, tears of joy flowed in Athens on Saturday 28 October 2023.

The World Luxury Awards are considered the Oscars of the travel industry! For the past 17 years, luxury hotels, spas and restaurants have received international recognition following a vote by guests, travellers and industry players. More than 3,200 hotels, spas, restaurants and specialists in the tourism industry from all over the globe were nominated before being judged on their unique experiences, exceptional offers, best concepts and, above all, outstanding service. The process begins with an application within three categories that best represent their unique selling points. The World Luxury Commission then selects nominees based on official guest reviews. During a subsequent four-week public voting phase, international travellers, guests and industry representatives from around the world vote for the winners. The awards are presented at global, continental, regional and national level.

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World Luxury Award 2023 Le Pavillon Restaurant of the Year Global Winner

Le Pavillon is Global Restaurant of the Year 2023

Excellence in gastronomy shone particularly brightly this year: the fine dining restaurant Le Pavillon, which has been recognised by Michelin for 25 years and is run by owner Meinrad Schmiederer’s brother-in-law Martin Herrmann, was named Overall Winner as Global Restaurant of the Year 2023, the highest accolade in the World Luxury Restaurant Awards. Joy was written all over the face of the Dollenberg’s owner, himself a trained chef: ‘I’m ecstatic and couldn’t be prouder of my family and our outstanding team who do such a great job day in and day out,’ Schmiederer said after the official award ceremony. ‘My heartfelt thanks go to our employees and, of course, our guests, who ultimately made these awards possible with their votes. We’re delighted that we were able to impress and inspire them with our performance time and time again.’

World Luxury Awards 2023 for the Dollenberg Schwarzwald Resort*****S

  • 2023 Global Restaurant of the Year – Le Pavillon
  • Global Winner Best Haute Cuisine – Le Pavillon
  • Global Winner Best Luxury Spa Getaway – Dollina Spa & Health
  • Best Luxury Garden Resort in Europe
World Luxury Award 2023 SPA Hotel Jagdhof
World Luxury Awards for the 5-star SPA Hotel Jagdhof in Neustift
  • Global Winner Best Luxury Romantic Hotel
  • Global Winner Best Luxury Romantic Destination Spa – Mylife Changing jSPA
  • Most Romantic Atmosphere in Europe – Hubertusstube
  • Best Luxury Spa Hotel & Destination Spa in Austria
World Luxury Award 2023 Ayurveda Resort Mandira
World Luxury Awards for the Ayurveda Resort Mandira in Bad Waltersdorf
  • Global Winner Best Luxury Healing Retreat
  • Global Winner Best Luxury Alternative Healing Spa
  • Best Luxury Holistic Retreat in Europe
  • Best Luxury Ayurveda Spa in Europe
World Luxury Award 2023 Hotel Plunhof
World Luxury Awards for the Hotel Plunhof in Ridnaun, South Tyrol, Italy
  • Global Winner Best Theme Design Spa
  • Best Luxury Romantic Hotel in Europe
  • Best Luxury Wellness Hotel in Europe
  • Best Spa Design Theme in Europe
World Luxury Awards for the Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp in Belgium
  • Global Winner Best Luxury New Hotel Spa
  • Best Architectural Design in Europe
  • Best Luxury Concept Hotel in Western Europe
  • Best Luxury City Spa in Western Europe
Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

marketing deluxe team members Nicole Ginzinger, Amy Rose, Said Boumahdi and Thomas Stupica joined MD Managing Director Claudia Reichenberger and our fabulous clients for the celebrations in Athens. And celebrate they certainly did!

‘These awards are a prestigious seal of quality for international excellence! They increase the value of a brand, enhance its reputation and generate attention and reach. Global Winner is the Oscar for an exceptional product, exceptional performance and an exceptional team. We’re very proud to have won these prestigious awards together with our clients.’

Claudia Reichenberger­­

marketing deluxe

marketing deluxe is an internationally connected and award-winning luxury brand strategy and public relations agency. With teams in Austria, Italy, Belgium and London, marketing deluxe provides thorough knowledge of communication and PR strategy consulting services in the fields of luxury hospitality, holistic health and niche destinations. marketing deluxe is the partner with specific skills to integrate your brand identity, while assisting you in building your success and bringing your message to a skilfully targeted audience.

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