Shamanic Coaching

Gabrielle Scharnitzky

The universal law of resonance.
What heals inside heals outside.

Energy Healing

It’s often the deep cuts, the traumatic experiences, that make a person really aware of the value of life. Looking back, Gabrielle Scharnitzky identifies a serious accident that occurred when she was fifteen as the event that changed and shaped her life. She began training as an actor in New York, enrolled into the Native American Seneca tribe as a shaman, and then qualified in other disciplines, which she now combines in her shamanic coaching sessions:

Consciousness and Transformation Coach

Energy Medicine Healer

Sedona Method and Tao Hands Healing Practitioner


Gabrielle Scharnitzky | Shamanic Coach | Actress

Awaken the Wisdom Within

‘We need to free ourselves from ancient patterns of thought and behaviour that prevent us from awakening to our own resplendence and wisdom. Ending the cosmic game of limitation within ourselves can be achieved faster than we might think. As we begin to bring our true talents and gifts to life, we help ourselves and others achieve a fulfilling life and peace of mind.’

Also known for her appearances on stage and screen, Scharnitzky’s objective is to teach people to heal themselves. In her shamanic coaching sessions, she enables participants to encounter their true inner selves and discover their internal compasses. This leads to self-responsibility, self-love and fulfilment.

The Method
Magical Circle & Medicine Wheel

Scharnitzky’s method makes use of the magical circle, known to have been the foundation of mystical teachings in many cultures, such as in ancient Egypt or ancient Greece. Native Americans refer to this circle as a mirror of the self, in which people encounter their own life energy system. By connecting with the Great Spirit, they receive exactly the medicine they need to foster harmony of mind, body and spirit. In Native American terminology, people tread their ‘sacred earth pathway’ to receive this medicine, which comes in the form of messages from the invisible world. These are understood by the body, allowing a person to integrate them into their actions.

‘When we forget to listen to our internal navigation system we lose ourselves in the truths of others. And our reaction is fight, flight or paralysis – when what we really need to do is experience our own needs and act accordingly. Gabrielle Scharnitzky

Gabrielle Scharnitzky | Shamanic Coach | Actress
Gabrielle Scharnitzky
20 Years of Practice – Her Starring Role

Earth Medicine, Sacred Space & Spirit Self

In her coaching sessions, Gabrielle Scharnitzky introduces participants to earth medicine, demonstrating how living in the magical circle’s sacred space enables them to encounter their spirit selves – their true selves – and how they can use this as medicine. The starting points are the medicine wheel’s 12 sacred powers, which support the extrasensory experience of deep messages. Unresolved life issues are raised into a higher dimension to help the participants resolve the things that block them. Scharnitzky makes apparent the participant’s life mission, identifying the things they need to let go of on a mental, emotional or spiritual level. In shamanic coaching, she guides each individual participant, providing tools for self-adjustment that they can easily apply in everyday life.

Fact Sheet
  • Scharnitzky has starred in numerous film and television productions at home and abroad

  • Sophie von Brahmberg in Verliebt in Berlin

  • Cosima Saalfeld in Sturm der Liebe

  • Leading role in The Empty Plan – a documentary made in London about the lives and works of Bertolt Brecht and Helene Weigel

  • Leading role in Treadstone – a new action drama made by US broadcaster NBC

  • Scharnitzky is one of Europe’s top shamanic coaches

  • Her teaching is highly empathetic and reflects a profound dedication, passion, sensitivity and intuition

‘By entering into a very real dialogue with the soul, I help to release the source of the trauma. During this process, the client learns how to stay connected to the soul and how to communicate with it.’

Gabrielle Scharnitzky | Shamanic Coach | Actress
‘Doors open when we discern our inner truth and follow it. We cease to be hindered by fear. Our talents reach fulfilment. Body, mind and spirit attain harmony – and we sense the oneness of everything. At this stage, a sense of infinite gratitude and joy sets in.’
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