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Nature’s Power and Human Technology

Holistic, curative, preventive, and personalised skincare has been the focus of research at Switzerland’s Laboratoire Sintyl since 1974. The research team’s objective is to restore the skin’s natural defences, re-establish its ecosystem and minimise the effects of harmful environmental factors. For this they have developed a unique method as well as revolutionary technologies which also significantly delay the ageing process.

Méthode Physiodermie’s range of product lines utilises the latest technologies and provides personalised compositions of active ingredients to suit the body’s needs – as well as skin types. This holistic treatment approach includes detoxification, customisation and special manual techniques for lasting skin health and beauty.

3 Pillars For Healthy Skin & Against Premature Ageing

The aim is to achieve lasting results, so the Méthode Physiodermie approach is based on Horst Untermoser’s holistic T3Cure principle:

  • Typology
  • Technology
  • Treatment

Ancient Typological Theories for Today

The skin mirrors the soul, and, just as everyone’s reflection differs, so do their complexions and skin textures. Based on antiquity’s typological theories, Méthode Physiodermie classifies people into four basic types depending on their build, muscles, hair structure, skin type, skin quality and character traits. During an initial consultation and derma-scan, the therapist identifies whether a person’s typology is ‘nervous’, ‘bilious’, ‘sanguineous’ or ‘lymphatic’. This analysis serves as the foundation for the creation of an individual treatment plan and personalised composition of active ingredient serums. Depending on the skin’s typology and needs, the active ingredients are applied either mixed, layered or neat.

Méthode Physiodermie | Skincare | marketing deluxe
Méthode Physiodermie | Skincare | marketing deluxe

MEIMA Technology & Biomimetic E3C

Developed in Geneva, MEIMA micro-encapsulation is an extraordinary technology that enables the programmed penetration of individually constituted bioactive ingredients into the skin’s layers. This allows the serums to unfold their effect where they are needed – dependent on skin type and problem. Effects are immediate and long-lasting.

Biomimetic E3C

The E3C process, based on Physiodermie’s PCbG complex which restores the hydrolipid barrier and the skin’s natural ecosystem, increases protection and supplies the skin with the energy it needs. To do this, E3C makes use of special biomimetic processes, revitalising the skin.

Head to Soul Treatments

Physiodermie’s massages and treatments are based on Asian and European therapeutic techniques that activate and maximise the serums’ active substance synergies, stimulating detoxification, encouraging cell regeneration, initiating the supply of nutrients and oxygen, and restoring balance to the body. The initial phase of a treatment with Méthode Physiodermie always involves the elimination of toxins via the digestive system. This ensures that the subsequently introduced active ingredient serums are able to unfold their full effect. Méthode Physiodermie’s holistic approach is what clearly distinguishes this brand from conventional cosmetics. Following the detoxifying treatments, a customised plan is drawn up for further treatments to benefit a person’s typology, issues and wishes.

Méthode Physiodermie | Skincare | marketing deluxe
Méthode Physiodermie | Skincare | marketing deluxe

Natural Beauty Products from Years of Research

In addition to innovative technologies, Méthode Physiodermie rests on an extensive research programme in the field of botany and the proven curative and preventive effectiveness of a range of plants and active substances. The secret of their effectiveness? The use of carefully selected plant extracts which form the basis of the products’ active components. These are mixed with natural carriers to guarantee skin compatibility and active ingredient efficiency.

All Méthode Physiodermie products are 100% free of animal ingredients, never tested on animals, and comply with Switzerland’s stringent quality criteria. Furthermore, they are sustainably packaged in predominantly recyclable materials and glass.

3 Product Lines for All Skin Needs

Méthode Physiodermie offers three product lines:

Méthode Physiodermie Equilibre – effective and natural for mature skin

Méthode Physiodermie | Skincare | marketing deluxe

Chrono Homme – tailored to the specific needs of men’s skin

Méthode Physiodermie | Skincare | marketing deluxe

Clinical Swiss Organics – certified organic for the needs of younger skin

Méthode Physiodermie | Skincare | marketing deluxe

Being the Best Version of You

  • Balancing the skin’s ecosystem and boosting natural defences

  • Sustainably rejuvenating the complexion, significantly delaying ageing processes, and preventing signs of ageing
  • Protecting the skin from environmental factors and negative lifestyle effects
  • Reducing redness and the feeling of tightness
  • Normalising sebum production and balancing the hydrolipidic layer
  • Restoring the moisture barrier and promoting elasticity
  • Removing blemishes and revitalising and firming skin

Individual Solutions for Unique Concepts

Decades of research, revolutionary technologies and a holistic approach to skincare are combined to produce unique and lasting results. Just as unique: marketing deluxe’s marketing strategy for this holistic concept within the field of medical cosmetics.

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