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IQcure Mountain Health Resort

Luxurious Atmosphere
3,500sqm Health Area
Opening 2023

Visionary Health Management

The future begins today. The IQcure Mountain Health Resort in Wildschönau is raising health tourism to a new, never before seen level. Thanks to a unique and pioneering health concept, guests to this luxury resort can experience a completely new form of health and wellness holiday. The decisive factors for a happy life are sustainable primary prevention and holistic secondary regeneration. These are brought together perfectly with state-of-the-art medical technology and personalised care for each guest. At the Mountain Health Resort, this is the foundation for a sustainable and holistic understanding of contemporary health management.

Impressive History Gently Revitalised and Innovatively Interpreted

The location of IQcure’s luxurious flagship health resort is just as impressive as the beautiful scenery surrounding Wildschönau that, with lots of unspoilt greenery in the immediate vicinity, never fails to entice guests. The resort is made up of an existing hotel, a listed building previously known as the Kellerwirt, and a modern new building containing the health and wellness area. The resulting IQcure flagship is also a feast for the eyes in terms of its architecture, thanks to the revitalisation of the historical part, the well thought-out interior design and the modern, harmoniously integrated extension and new section. The exclusive health resort with its purist, elegant and historically conscious ambience will open for business at the end of 2023.

Gesundheitsresort Mountain Health Resort | IQCURE Technologie
IQcure Mountain Health Resort 850 Jahre

From Historic Inn to Contemporary Health Resort

A source of inspiration for the health conscious that masterfully showcases just how tradition and innovation can succeed! Gentle revitalisation and a pioneering health concept combine to form one harmonious whole, overcoming all obstacles and retaining all of the previous warmth and charm.

‘An impressive architectural synthesis of the arts in an exposed location. Centuries-old building tradition is revitalised gently, with vision, and translated into an aesthetic that is in keeping with the spirit of the times.’

Flagship Location and Flagship IQcure Resort

As the focal point of the Mountain Health Resort, the IQcure health centre sets new standards in health tourism. With its pioneering spirit and holistic health programme, it has everything required to set an international benchmark for the health tourism industry. This is ensured by state-of-the-art diagnostics conducted by an experienced team of doctors in combination with pioneering technology, supported by AI, as well as the IQcure health programme, which is based on primary prevention and secondary regeneration. The individual health needs of the guests are in the foreground and the holistic view of the human being as a unity of body, mind and spirit forms the essence of the philosophy.

Excellent diagnostics, healthy and enjoyable food and sleep, detox treatments, fitness for body and mind, longevity and much more form the basis of the pioneering packages.

IQcure Mountain Health Resort Medizin
The IQcure health programme comprises
  • Highly modern diagnoses by an experienced team of doctors
  • Preventive medicine
  • Orthopaedics and therapy
  • Exercise and sports medicine
  • Medical fitness
  • Mental fitness
  • Innovative nutritional concept, delivered in stages
  • Performance enhancement and improvement in concentration
  • Holistic skin health

The Architecture and Design

  • Purist architecture and historic atmosphere
  • Traditional awareness
  • Sustainable building methods and awareness of responsibility
  • Incorporation of local elements
  • New technologies to improve living quality
  • High-quality five-star facilities
  • High-quality sleep system
  • Perfect indoor climate
Gesundheitsresort Mountain Health Resort
IQcure Mountain Health Resort Stuben Flair

Stuben Flair – a Clear Statement of Living Hospitality

  • Historic Zirbenstube: pure enjoyment, harmonising, relaxing

  • Klosterstube: minimalist living in a monastic environment

  • Historische Stube: both historic and modern Alpine

  • Kellergewölbe: over 1,000 years old

Luxurious Alpine Comfort in the Historic Old Building

  • 17 Superior Rooms (21 – 26sqm)
  • 7 Monastic Rooms (25 – 35sqm)
  • 16 Superior Suites (40 – 45sqm)
  • 6 Senior Suites (42 – 51sqm)
  • 14 Chalet Apartments (approx. 115sqm)
Gesundheitsresort Mountain Health Resort | IQCURE Technologie
Gesundheitsresort Mountain Health Resort | IQCURE Technologie


  • Restaurant with 7 Stuben

  • Healthy nutrition and sustainable cuisine
  • Cookery school, herb garden
  • Compact buffet areas

Lounge and More

  • Hotel lounge in historic 350sqm barn and health lounge
  • Space for events, presentations on all aspects of nutrition
  • Conference room for presentations, workshops and seminars
  • 2 sun terraces

The Next Generation of Spa and Health

In the Mountain Health Resort’s 3,500sqm wellness, fitness and health area, guests can devote their full attention to themselves and their own wellbeing. With its own medical reception, a top-class team of doctors and therapists, the IQcure Medical Spa is a hugely competent resource for answering all health-related questions. All the medical screening and therapy equipment developed by IQcure has been tested rigorously over many years of research. This state-of-the-art technology has been certified and is undergoing constant refinement and development.

The IQcure Mountain Health Resort will feature IQcure EQUIPMENT RELEASE 2.0, which has already been developed and will be ready for launch when the facility opens.

Gesundheitsresort Mountain Health Resort | IQCURE Technologie
IQcure Mountain Health Resort Medical Spa

Medical Spa and Wellness

  • Medical reception
  • Medical area
  • Cosmetics and massage
  • Pool area
  • Sauna, steam bath
  • Ice fountain, sensory shower
  • Fitness area
  • Meeting and seminar room
  • Mental training and awareness programmes
  • Daily exercise and sports programme

Master Minds –
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Corporate strategy, concept, product development and international marketing are in the capable hands of marketing deluxe GmbH, in cooperation with Schletterer Consult GmbH, the company responsible for developing the technology. Kellerwirt Mountain Health Resort GmbH, part of German firm Wüstenrot Haus- und Städtebau GmbH (WHS), is leading the health resort’s construction and management.

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