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Smart Healing Strategy

IQcure sets new standards in primary prevention and has its finger firmly on the pulse of current health trends. This pioneering health strategy is based on a holistic solution that enables everyone to lead a healthier and, in turn, more fulfilling life. Smart healing, the basic tenet at IQcure, is achieved using highly sophisticated medical diagnostic and therapeutic devices and a holistic approach to health. With a smart mindset of ‘working together instead of against each other’, IQcure lives up to Aristotle’s principle that ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’. To that end, IQcure also uses methods from naturopathy or complementary medicine, in addition to cutting-edge medical technology and conventional medicine. Everything goes hand in hand, is set in relation to each other and individually adapted to the people. The IQcure health concept: For a better life!

Rethinking Health Tourism

The IQcure health concept represents successful holistic health resorts. The focus is on active prevention and establishing the awareness that continuous health care and a healthy lifestyle are essential for the holistic wellbeing of body, mind and spirit.

Pioneering IQcure Solutions

The unique IQcure diagnostic and therapy systems enable health problems to be identified effectively and in the shortest possible time. The scientifically-proven equipment produces reliable and comprehensive diagnostic findings that facilitate treatment and prevention strategies aimed at the root cause.

IQcure’s Health Pillars

  • Pioneering, integrated diagnostics supported by artificial intelligence (AI)
  • High-performance prevention
  • Bespoke regenerative therapies
  • Smart nutrition adapted to the individual guest’s needs, delivered in stages
  • Innovative, exercise programmes based on orthopaedics
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Novelty in the Medical Spa

In contrast to the mostly sterile, impersonal medical facilities that are commonplace, with IQcure guests experience health in a new context – in a luxurious 5-star environment, offering everything needed to help them focus on their own health and feel great!

The focus of each IQcure resort corresponds to each individual location and its infrastructure, and is also adapted and optimised for each target group and catchment area. This not only guarantees that every IQcure resort can offer targeted diagnoses, treatment and prevention using the latest technology and science, it also means that they are in a perfect position to meet each guest’s personal needs above all else.

An experienced team of specialists and therapists, each with a different professional focus depending on the individual setting, forms the core of each resort, themselves under the management of an IQcure doctor. These physicians constantly develop the portfolio of services available in collaboration with the IQcure Medical Director and the Medical Advisory Board.

Highest Medical Competence

Alongside the Medical Advisory Board and the expanding roster of IQcure resort doctors, Dr Thorsten Kohlmann, IQcure’s Medical Director, leads and oversees the IQcure health concept’s medical development. The IQcure Advisory Board is a committee of medical specialists from various disciplines and complementary medicine fields, established especially for the purpose of developing the range of medical services offered by IQcure. Renowned physicians Professor Uwe Nixdorff and Dr Jürgen Schwickal-Melot hold permanent seats on the advisory board. Using technology supported by AI, the data obtained, as well as the latest findings and research results, are constantly fed into the system and correlated.

Both high-tech, specially developed digital solutions and thorough telemedicine guarantee seamless medical data transmission at the highest security level as well as sustainable support far beyond the guests’ stay.

IQcure Gesundheitskonzept Präventivmedizin
IQcure Gesundheitskonzept Holistic Health

Holistic Health Prevention

IQcure invests in health and quality of life rather than in the health system. The IQcure concept is built on various pillars of integral science and medicine, coupled with the highest technological expertise, and based on the theory that people can only grow old healthily if they are treated holistically. Alongside active prevention at the resorts, the main aim is to raise awareness of a healthy lifestyle for personal prevention. Nutritional and micronutrient medicine, exercise and sports medicine as well as stress management are other pillars used to actively promote health, prevent illness and strengthen health competence.

Just as the body and the psyche cannot be treated separately, human beings themselves are also intertwined with their environment, their surroundings and the system as a whole. Holistic prevention therefore also includes a pronounced environmental awareness. Regional and global, as well as physical and psychological sustainability play an equally important role in Holistic Health Prevention at IQcure, as does the Healing Architecture.

Smart Exercise and Nutrition

In addition to revolutionary diagnostics and Integral Medicine, exercise and nutrition are essential pillars of sustainable and holistic prevention. The goal of living a happier life in a healthier body can only be achieved if body and spirit are exercised and nourished in a healthy way.

To achieve this, IQcure has developed smart programmes that actively promote health, initiate a sustainable lifestyle change and launch a new awareness for healthy prevention:

  • Both the latest findings in nutritional medicine and science, as well as evidence-based dietary approaches, are combined to create customised nutritional levels.
  • IQcure’s innovative exercise concepts link the fundamental findings of anthropology, orthopaedics and psychology.
IQcure Gesundheitskonzept Bewegung Ernährung
IQcure Health Concept Facts
  • Primary preventive and secondary regenerative medicine
  • Cutting-edge integral conventional medicine
  • Valid, evidence-based complementary medicine
  • Recognised natural medicine
  • Holistic and integral diagnostics, supported by AI
  • Personalised therapies
  • Mental coaching and programmes
  • Smart nutritional concepts
  • Innovative, orthopaedically based exercise programmes
  • Highly efficient medical technology and smart IT solutions
  • Top service and luxurious feel-good atmosphere
IQcure Projects

Flagship Mountain Health Resort

The flagship health resort, where guests can experience the IQcure concept in full for the first time, is currently being built in Tyrol’s Wildschönau. The location boasts an incomparable blend of regenerative environment, tradition of sustainability, and appreciation of modern technology, meaning it’s virtually predestined to pave the way for this forward-thinking concept and for holistic health in general. The IQcure Mountain Health Resort will be ready to welcome its first guests in late 2023.

The Next Projects:

  • Performance Diagnostics Centre, Frankfurt, Germany
  • Nature Health Lake Resort, Tyrol

  • Schloss und Park Resort, Munich, Germany

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