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Ayurveda Resort Mandira

New Paths to Health and Wellbeing

Ayurveda Resort Mandira

Bad Waltersdorf, Styria
Luxury spa hotel
4-star superior
Christina Mauracher

Holistic Concept – Integrated Implementation

Holistic health teachings that place the individual person and their varied needs centre stage. A concept that combines an ancient philosophy of life with the insights of conventional and complementary medicine. Curative, preventive, inspirational … and on every level of human existence.

The result? Bespoke treatment programmes and personalised solutions. A unique brand with recognition value. A new era in health tourism. From development, to design, to international market launch – this is a project with added value. And not just for the guests.

Resort Facts at a Glance

  • 60 rooms & suites in the hues of India and with a hint of Mediterranean flair
  • Awards: Top Medical Spa & Europe’s best Luxury Ayurveda Spa
  • Themed design concept encompassing energetic spaces, colour therapy & art

  • Dosha restaurants, designed to reflect the three bio-energies – Vata, Pitta & Kapha
  • Expertise: Indian & European Holistic Ayurveda specialists, resort physician
  • Bespoke: Holistic Ayurveda solutions
  • Ayurveda & thermal spa with indoor & outdoor pools, saunas, steam room & relaxation rooms
  • Modern gym, plus Yoga and meditation studio – with views!

Holistic Ayurveda

Prevention and regeneration. Holistic Ayurveda focuses on investigating the causes of symptoms and solving the problems underlying them. The Mandira’s innovative approach is based on India’s ancient holistic healing methods and combined with diagnostic and treatment methods from complementary and conventional medicine. Their application is adapted to the needs, lifestyles and challenges of modern society and based on eight pillars that encompass all levels of being.

Holistic Ayurveda Solutions

All Ayurvedic packages, programmes and treatments offered at the Ayurveda Resort Mandira are tailor-made to suit the needs and requirements of their guests. Whether it’s treatments, relaxation sessions, activity programmes or nutrition, everything can be precisely personalised to benefit the guest’s distinct make-up – based on their Dosha type and their physical and mental constitution. The result is a sustainable path to the physical or mental objectives they seek to obtain.

Ayurveda Resort Mandira | Styria | marketing deluxe
Mandira Ahara and Joie de Vivre

Mandira Ahara and Joie de Vivre

Nutrition is a cornerstone of our health and wellbeing and, in Ayurveda, it plays a particularly important role. Since foods grown on home soil are particularly beneficial, the chefs at the Mandira combine Indian and native herbs and spices with regionally-sourced products to make the mouth-watering, Dosha-supporting vegetarian dishes that form the basis of Mandira Ahara Ayurvedic cuisine. Four nutritional levels support the selected treatment programme on the basis of the guest’s objectives and constitutional type. Fresh and gourmet, a Styrian Joie de Vivre full board is also available.

Regeneration and Prevention on All Levels

The Mandira’s holistic approach to health, and focus on prevention and regeneration, opens up new paths that are both promising and unconventional. To ensure the entire spectrum for each area of wellbeing is covered, the retreat offers programmes and additional services that have been developed with a focus on specific areas, such as:

  • Yoga and Meditation: for harmony of mind, body and spirit
  • Healing Spirit: holistic coaching, kinesiology and Emotional Status Quo (ESQ)
  • Exercise and Regeneration: for a strong immune system, spine and joints
Regeneration and Prevention on All Levels
7 Unmissable Experiences
  • Panchakarma: for holistic detoxification
  • A fusion of flavours: Ayurvedic and Styrian
  • Mobilising and releasing: a kinesiology muscle test
  • Releasing: Yoga for greater flexibility of body and mind
  • Centring: outdoor meditations in Ganesha’s Garden
  • Skin Solutions: rejuvenating skin treatments
  • Profoundly relaxing: Shirodhara flowing oil treatment
World of Holistic Ayurveda
Harmonious Conjunctions

Gently inspired by the beauty of art, in dialogue with nature and being: at the Mandira, the connections between internal and external, between nature and emotions, are expressed in the design – from the Spring Garden and Art Gallery Lounges to the Lavender Library.

Ayurvedic Medicine

Pulse diagnosis is one of the main diagnostic methods used by Ayurvedic medical practitioners for prescribing treatments. A qualified expert feels the pulse on the inside of the patient’s wrists. Combined with additional, in-depth analysis the practitioner is then able to determine their Dosha.

Dosha – Elements of Being

Ayurvedic teachings take as their starting point the assumption that every human being, as a component of nature, has their own composition of the five elements Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Ether (space). These are encapsulated in the Doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha). A person’s individual Dosha ratio shapes their make-up and temperament.

Holistically Healthy

A special ESQ screening tool is used to identify a person’s emotional status quo, highlighting emotions and complex issues that cause blockages with a view to activating the body’s self-healing powers.

A Healing Mixture

The combination of Holistic Ayurveda’s therapeutic principles with the preventive and healing powers of the Mandira’s thermal waters creates fresh approaches and treatment options, especially with regard to muscle and joint complaints.

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