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Holistic Beauty Concept

The Secret to Healthy Beauty

Despite modern society’s anxiety about ageing and disease, we continuously aggravate both by exposing ourselves to environmental toxins and unhealthy ways of living. Mitigating, stopping or, even, reversing these processes is something that plastic surgeon Dr Alexander Papp and Horst Untermoser (MA) have been working on for many years. Their objective? Holistic health, using both preventive and therapeutic approaches to help patients – and those who don’t want to become patients later down the line – to achieve lasting, healthy beauty.

P-Health unites a range of approaches and methods in one holistic health concept. Healthy beauty comes from within as well as without, and has its source in the harmony of body, mind and holistic health. The holistic concept addresses every level of prevention and regeneration to bring about your sustainably healthier lifestyle, as well as a youthful and vibrant appearance.

6 Pillars of Holistic Beauty

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